Voluntary Work

There are people who are touched by the voluntary work that others do.


Those people are struggling, and their lives are changed when people take time to care for them and address their needs. There are people who cannot get through each day without others volunteering and giving of themselves. Find more about dugnad sokker here. 

There are people who are given a second chance at life because others take time out of their days to care for them and address their needs. Those who take on voluntary work can make a real difference in the lives of people who are struggling and in need of help.

people who do not have a lot

There are people who do not have a lot that they need to get done each day and who find themselves feeling bored because they just do not have enough going on in their lives. Tørkerull dugnad Click here to find more. 

Those people can take on voluntary work and find that suddenly they have things to put on their schedule and they are not as bored anymore.

If a person has free time and they are willing to give that to others, they can use their free time to make lives better. Those who are bored can volunteer not only so that they do not feel as bored, but they can volunteer to change the world.

certain jobs

There are certain jobs that cannot get done unless some are willing to do voluntary work and to give of themselves in order to help others. There is money that is donated but that cannot go to those in need in the way that it is meant to if people do not give of their time and do voluntary work. Voluntary work must be done by those who are looking to make a difference in the world if anything is actually going to happen and if lives are actually going to be touched. Find more here: 


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